16 August 2016

Female Given Names in German Gothic Script

When learning to do Bohemian genealogy research, learning to read the German Gothic script can seem like an overwhelming task.  But with practice, it is possible to learn to decipher the handwriting (even if you don't speak/read German or Latin).  For most beginners, the easiest parts of handwritten vital records to identify are the peoples' names -- especially the more common names such as Anna, Maria, Joannes, Carl, Elisabetha, Andreas, Franz, Katharina, Anton, Georg, Rosina, Joseph, Theresia, Wenzl, etc.

Some time ago I compiled some samples of names in the Gothic script, which I found were helpful especially for beginning researchers who were learning how to recognize the letters and searching for vital records containing specific names.  Each of these samples came from the vital records of my ancestors, which were found on the websites of the Pilsen & Litomerice Archives in the Czech Republic.  I'll start by posting the female given names for now.

And these two cases are worth noting:

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