10 May 2017

Sample Town Names & Family Names

Several years ago my parents called me and told me they were going to the Czech Republic and they wanted to visit some archives to see if they could find any records about our ancestors.  That was back before my parents learned to transcribe the old gothic script, and at that time they didn't have much experience finding the peoples' names & town names in the records.  So I prepared a quick list with sample handwritten names from some of the records that we had for them to reference on their genealogy trip.  It helped them to find the records of our ancestors which they photographed, and we were able to transcribe & later translate them after they returned home.

So if you are just starting out with trying to find the names of places and people in records with Gothic script, it's a good idea to keep copies of sample handwritten names that you have found so far and use them as a reference while you are becoming more comfortable with reading the script.

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